Personal Data and the Influence Industry in Nigerian Elections

Personal Data And The Influence Industry In Nigerian Elections In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica revelations, it was clear that the now defunct data and digital campaign firm and its agents had been prolific in implementing its dubiously legal yet undoubtedly controversial approach to elections beyond the borders of the United Kingdom and the […]

How Youth Can Reshape Political Participation In Nigeria

How Youth Can Reshape Political Participation In Nigeria If recent electoral contests held in Lagos, Imo, Bayelsa, Plateau and Abia are an indicator, the civic awakening that seemed apparent at the height of the demonstrations in October 2020, has thus far failed to spill over into the electoral realm. Voter apathy, which typifies Nigerian elections, has […]

CSOs demand INEC Independence

CSOs demand INEC independence, protest exclusion of e-voting in Electoral Act A coalition of civil society groups in Nigeria Tuesday protested at the National Assembly, insisting on the inclusion of electronic voting, provision of financial autonomy for the independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, protection of people with disabilities, the inclusion of secret voting among others, […]

Insecurity and Covid-19

Insecurity and Covid-19: Threats to electoral democracy in Africa More than 13 African countries¬†are scheduled to hold, or have already held, parliamentary or presidential elections in 2021. Reflective of the democratic backsliding observed on the continent in recent years, more than a third of these polls are likely to be little more than political theatre […]